Why choose one assessment method over another? What might be the challenges of the assessment method you chose? There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting an assessment method. What might be the benefits of an essay test over a multiple-choice test? Are you evaluating a student’s ability to retain facts or apply concepts and principles? These are only a few of the possible areas of assessment you might choose when selecting an assessment method. In this week’s Assignment, you will add an example of some methods of testing to your Teaching Portfolio. Consider the strategies discussed this week as you develop your exam and prepare the correct responses.For this Teaching Portfolio Assignment, review and study this week’s Learning Resources, including Griggs’s Psychology: A Concise Introduction textbook to help in the selection of your assignment topic. Select a new topic or use the topic you selected in Week 4 as the focus of an exam that you will design for “your” introductory psychology class.Assignment (5 pages, APA format where appropriate)Your exam must include the following:An explanation of the topic you selected, referencing the chapter in the Griggs Psychology: A Concise Introduction textbook you consultedFive multiple-choice questions (identify the correct answer with boldface type)Three fill-in the blank prompts (include the correct response in boldface type following the question)One essay question (include, in boldface type, a list of elements that you will be looking for as you grade).A determination of points for each of your questions and a calculation of the percentage for each question of the total 100% available. For example, if your multiple-choice questions are worth 10 points each and there are 100 points available in the test, one multiple-choice question is worth 10/100 = 0.10, or 10% of the total 100%.Submit your Assignment by Day 7 of Week 6.

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