Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: Prior Knowledge That Is Required before Using the Toaster. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The memo is summed up in one page and also contains the name of the group members.

A toaster is an electronic gadget that allows you to cook, bake, and boil your food. It is important to have a toaster in your house but before buying a toaster one should decide on whether to buy a basic toaster or a toaster oven. A toaster oven can do more cooking than the ordinary toaster so if you do a lot of cooking then the toaster oven is ideal for you. If you want to cook for a crowd of people then a toaster oven will most likely suit you more than the normal oven. A toaster oven is not very different from the normal oven that is found in most of the kitchens. However, it should be known that not all cooking can be done using the toaster oven and so some cooking should be done using the normal oven or cooker (David 8).

When you buy a toaster you are given a short wire cord to prevent the chances of tripping in the event where someone becomes tangled with the wire. However, longer cords are available but should be used with a lot of care. When one uses a longer cord, it is advisable that one checks the marked electrical rating and make sure that it is twice that of the toaster oven. The appliance always has a polarized plug and so this makes it safe especially for fitting it to a polarized end. If you try to fix it and it does not fit then contact a qualified electrician and never try to force it (David 34).

A toaster makes toasting much easier and faster than before. The toaster also has an easy to clean interior that wipes the interior of the toaster clean at once. The toaster is also big enough to let you bake an entire meal once without having to split the number of cooking.

Baking: this is the function that can be used the same way that you would use your normal kitchen. When baking using the toaster, remember to prepare what you want to bake then preheat the toaster for five to ten minutes.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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