Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Impact of Class, and Ethnicity on Austrian Contemporary Health Care and the Nurses Role. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Austrian policymakers have been working excruciatingly hard to try and bring reform to the health care in the country that will show equality for all people regardless of gender, age, sex, ethnicity, origin, religious beliefs, political views, and other societal differences (Griffith 1999, p.1).

Beginning in 1999, there have been major moves to incorporate new strategies in the health care policy which have been focused heavily on ensuring the health of the elderly is maintained at an appropriate and acceptable level from a societal standpoint. This is due to the fact that history shows that many elderly people in the country of Australia have been discluded or&nbsp.forgotten about in past times, and in a sociopolitical context this is far from equal or fair to their role in society (Griffith 1999, p.1). These various changes are supposed to make a great difference in the social position of the elderly in regards to the forms of health care that they will begin receiving. However, the availability of health care for some individuals is severely impacted in Australia, (specifically with the elderly) and this is regardless of whatever transformations are occurring. A lot of this is due to the cost of health care in the country and therefore those from lower classes (and older people) simply can’t afford to go to the doctor or hospital for treatment which has led to a growing “string of dissatisfactions” among those in society who feel that they are not being treated equally to others (Stelzer 1994, p.1). Though it is found that Australia uses a Universal health care system, the way it is paid for is through the taxation of the people. Many citizens can not afford these types of taxes and suffer for it. When lower class is mentioned, this does not necessarily imply a poverty-stricken people but simply implies to the normal working class of people. &nbsp.

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