Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: Mobile investigation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In modern age this process is in used across the globe in almost every country without acceptable regard for legitimate defenses, legal oversight, or accountability. In this paper the main focus is on to find out the answer regarding the investigation carried out by the police against Donald Dodger. The investigation was carried out against his alleged involvement in the stalking activities of a student from Granglian Busking University (ACLU, n.d.). Who is available of the SIMM card or phone memory as Mobile Contacts? From the investigation carried out by the police department of his mobile location as well as the call details, there is a clear indication about the people with whom he is in touch on a regular basis. According to the data available from the analysis of his mobile records, the contacts he has are as follows: Angila Ruskin, Adriana Weeks, Jenny Jones, Stella-Foster Artois. The entire detail is available on the detail call list to which number he has made calls or sends sms. Who has been called from this phone in the past three months multiple times? From the analysis of call record it is very clear that the maximum call in last three months was made to one single number of Adriana Weeks. The number is 07826654040. The call details also suggest that total number of calls made to this number is 10 out of11 calls along with 17 sms. For investigating purpose call history is very important once the mobile phone is not available for detail investigation. By analyzing all his sms it is very clear that the guy is talking with Adriana Weeks as he wanted to meet her, date with her. All his 17 sms to Adriana was about where she was, why she is avoiding him, will she meet him or not etc. Can social media applications be accessed and if so by whom and who has been posted to? At present, it is very easy to access the social networking site from the high end mobile phones. But from the available data it is hard to find what are the social sites he accessed from his mobile is. The detail of the sites or whatever he has posted in that social site is not accessible from the available bill details. Can the phone give any indication where the user might have physically been? Mobile phone tracking generally means to get the information about the current location of the mobile phone as well as the user of the phone. This locating process can be done with the help of multilateration of radio signals between the towers of the mobile network and mobile phone or with the help of GPS. To locate the mobile phone it is not necessary to make any call from the mobile, the only thing required is the mobile to catch any signal of the nearest tower. GSM or Global System for Mobile or is based on the strength of the signal of nearby antenna. Mobile positioning includes location based service which is used by the mobile phone companies to locate the position of the mobile phone and the user of the same. (BBC UK, 2005). According to the report published in BBC News (2005), if someone change the mobile number still the location can be traced. The tracking is generally done by two ways when any number is dialed from one mobile.

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