Provide a 10 pages analysis while answering the following question: GreenHealth and Cranberry Companies: Culture and Structure of Operations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The successful implementation of change in modern organizations can be a challenging task. The use of a carefully designed theoretical context has been proved as helpful for securing the success of change plans. The Change Kaleidoscope model developed by Hope Hailey and Balogun (Figure 1) has such a role. The change model of Hope Hailey and Balogun does not promote a particular style of change or specific criteria/ characteristics of plans of change (Hope Hailey and Balogun 2002, p.159). Rather the general context of change is set. managers in organizations where a plan of change needs to be implemented should focus on the issues highlighted in the model and should choose a change strategy, characterized as implementation options in the model, which is more suitable for their organization (Hope Hailey and Balogun 2002, p.159). In other words, the plan used by each firm for the implementation of change is unique (Balogun 2008, p.2). The success of the whole process is also highly influenced by the skills of the individual who manages the plan of change. this individual is also called, the change agent. In the case under examination, the strategic change context at the start of the merger process, in January 2012, could be described using the Change Kaleidoscope model (as analyzed in the study of Hope Hailey and Balogun, 2002, p.160-161) as follows: 1) Time: both firms involved in the merger did not phase at that period severe problems or damages. thus, there was no emergent need for the completion of the merger. Instead the merger process could be completed with no rush, allowing both firms to make appropriate changes according to the needs of the specific plan, 2) Scope: the changes required in both companies for the successful implementation of the change plan are not extensive. rather, issues of employees relocation and staff reduction need to be addressed. each company is already well established in each market so that changes necessary for the improvement of organizational performance are not major (case study, p.2).

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