I will pay for the following article Procurement Methods in Construction. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. An accelerated traditional procurement method is the selection of the conventional procurement route with key modifications for accelerating or fast-tracking the project (Emmit and Gorse, 2003). The novated design and build method generally refer to a consultant switch in which the contractor is asked to assume responsibility for the ongoing design Greenhalgh & Squires, 2011). The construction management method refers to a process in which the construction project is managed by a party that is typically ‘independent of the construction work’ (Jackson, 2004, p. 45). This paper will describe these procurement methods in detail and will also discuss partnering in construction procurement.

The accelerated traditional procurement method occurs through a modified tender system that permits the construction project to commence earlier than it would ordinarily commence (Davis, et al., 2008). What typically happens is the ‘overlapping’ of ‘design and construction activities’ and this usually means that one party assumes responsibility and the risk involved in both design and construction, (Davis, et al., 2008, p. 13).

In the accelerated traditional procurement method, a contractor enters the project at an earlier phase than he or she would under the traditional procurement method. Upon entering the project at an earlier phase, the contractor does not have complete information. The contractor enters the project either through negotiation or through competitive tendering. Thus the contractor is involved before the final design is completed and thus construction works overlap with the design with the contractor assuming a consultant role with&nbsp.respect to the ongoing design.&nbsp.The advantage of the accelerated traditional procurement method is the fact that the design and construction processes overlap. This means that the contractor gets a head start on the construction project.

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