You will prepare and submit a term paper on Warehousing Management. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Why does warehousing exist in a supply chain? They exist because timings of manufacturing and consumption of the goods do not happen at the same time and, therefore, a warehouse is essential in the storing of goods to equalize different quantities of flow.

Distinguish among warehouse, distribution center, and cross-docking facilities

A warehouse is where products are kept, and its main purpose is to make use of the storage space available. While a distribution center is where products are kept but they are not to be kept for long instead, a rapid movement of goods must be there to maximize the number of goods coming in and leaving a company in a certain period of time. Cross-docking is the process of taking delivery of products and delivering them immediately without any stored procedures.

In terms of warehousing design, give an example of trade-offs involving space, labor, and mechanization

When designing a warehouse the goods that are handled should be known.&nbsp.

Discuss how warehousing security can be enhanced by focusing on people, facilities and processes

To enhance warehousing security mainly on people, the process of hiring the workers should be categorized as either formal or informal. In a facility, different kinds of technology can be used. For example, the use of video cameras or in low-tech ensuring that fences are there. In processes, the frequency of how goods are handled can cause loss of goods or damage. If they are frequently handled then the risk of them getting damaged is high.

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