You will prepare and submit a term paper on Susan glaspell trifles gender roles. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. In the patriarchal society, women’s issues were often considered of a marginal importance, the writer examines this with a view of highlighting the negative impact the subservience forced upon them. The play commences with a murder investigation after Mr. Wright is found strangled with a rope in his bedroom. his wife, Mrs Wright, who was alone with him is arrested and taken to jail as the main suspect. From her jail cell, she requests her three friends who are also wives of the investigating officers to fetch her apron and a shawl from her house. the women and their husbands go to the house, which the husbands ransack in search for evidence of the crime. On the other hand, the women go through Mrs Wrights personal belongings, men scorn the women’s actions, which they see as irrelevant and naive since they are going through “trifles”. However, the women ultimately discover the simple details and clues that the men in their many searches missed or ignored, this minor details end up providing the conclusive proof of Mr Wright’s crime.


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