You will prepare and submit a term paper on Quality Improvement Initiative: Reducing Patient Falls. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. The extrinsic factors include: environmental hazards, unsafe personal care items and poor equipments. These factors may include things like unstable beds, poor lighting systems, improper foot wear, unstable furniture and poor conditioned floors among others. These factors have causes many falls resulting to serious injuries. In order to make sure that the falling among the patients is controlled, a team of people from various disciplines need to be composed so as to address the problem accordingly. This team will ensure that every discipline that is aimed to ensure the patients safety is wholly represented so as to make sure that the common objective of the team is achieved (Taylor et al 2005). The team will consist of falls nurse coordinator, fall nursing assistant, falls therapist, falls engineer, and director of nursing. This is a balanced team as every member plays an important part in the falls management. The falls nurse coordinator ensures the program is sufficiently implemented. He/ she oversees falls response steps and implementation of care plans. The coordinator also arranges for education and training of staff members, residents, and families. He/she should work with the medical director to in order to ensure that all care providers are aware of the program and the expected roles (Taylor et al 2005). There should be two coordinators in the team to ensure that there is continuity in services delivery during the periods of high demand and in case there is a change in staffing. The coordinator should be able to communicate effectively with all other members of the team so as to ensure the free flow of services and information. The falls nursing assistant should ensure that environment and equipment are inspected so as to ensure that they are in the good condition. He/she should be able to work with peers and other informal leaders within the unit. The nursing assistants should be two for small units and three to four for large units. The falls therapist should be at the front line in the assessment of mobility, wheelchair seating, and resident transfer. A member of rehabilitation department is best suited for this position because of his/her experience in occupational and physical therapy. The falls engineer is responsible for inspection, modification, and repair of equipment and the environment (Taylor et al 2005). A member of the maintenance staff is the best suited for this role. The director of nursing is not always active but should participate in different meetings of the team so as to make sure that he/she gives views concerning the progress of the team. These team members should be selected based on the merit. This requires that the most experienced are given first priority during the selection process (Pearson and Coburn 2011). The team should be able to collect the data on the ground so as to know what is required to be done at any given time. The team should be able to identify its strength and weaknesses so as to ensure that every time it is in the verge of improvement and not stagnation. The team should be able to coordinate its activities as well as the activities of the other employees within various units in fall control unit so as to ensure all the patients are cared for.

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