You will prepare and submit a term paper on Death and Dying. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Death and Dying

Morality is a central principal requirement that defines humanity as provided by several religions. Both Christianity and Islamic religions subscribe to the necessity for the living to embrace morality during their lifetime. The two religions attach the living human’s moral conduct as determinants to their destiny after death. Death in the two religions is a fulfillment of thee religious writings and doctrines that guide human conduct.

The ultimate position that the dead acquire after death, according to the two religions, are determined during their lifetime. Death is attainable before one actually dies in the physical sense. To learn the concept of death while one has physical life constitutes a core consideration as a skill of life. An individual needs to ensure reforms as a living entity and to accommodate the understanding and perception of death. Different religions have diverse conceptions of the art of death before physical demise. In as much as death comes after life and end of existence of the soul according to Islam and Christianity religions, life itself presents a platform for preparation for death. In both religions, the process of dying presents an opportunity for the individual to develop and heal.Every religion holds dissimilar perception about death. Most religious beliefs on the notions of death and dying believed that death was a transition from one from of life to another form. Knowledge of death and fate after death serves to regulate the conduct of believers in both the Islamic and Christianity religions, for instance.

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