Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the effect of celebrity (athlete) endorsements in sportswear marketing on the consumer’s perception of the product and overall purchasing decision. Celebrity endorsement Several athletes have gained status through achievements and created good image for themselves in sports industry. This has made them be sought for purpose of brand image marketing and general selling of products. Athletes who are celebrities enjoy recognition from the public and hence are at a good position to market consumer goods by appearing in brand promotion tools. Therefore. image is enough to cause a great and easy influence to targeted consumers (Kahle &amp. Homer, 1985, pp.954-961). Celebrity endorsement is used in marketing and requires perfect blending of the strategy when used as a form of advertisement. For instance, Nike has put in place all possible measures in promoting its brand to motivate and influence consumers into desiring and making purchases (Damian &amp. Admap, 2010, pp.42-43). Assimilation of superstars in its advertisement campaigns ensures that they maintain a high competitive advantage in sportswear industry since other firms in the industry are fighting for the same consumers. Special considerations are placed on attributes that are possessed by celebrities (Daneshvary &amp. Schwer, 2000, pp.203-213). Different people have different cultural background which at all times drive them into making decisions. The decisions are made on the kind of norms beliefs and people’s way of life. Therefore. it is important for the selected endorser to have vast qualities which are consistent and in line with consumer’s cultural expectations (Ohanian, 1991, pp.46-53). Practices done by the athlete should not provide a negative influence in that the products get to be despised due to the unethical habits he displays (Walker, et al., 1992, pp.69-76).

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