Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on female genital mutilation. From the statistics provided by the World Health Organization approximate that between 100 and 140 million, both girls and women all over the world have undergone either one form or the other of FGM (World Health Organization, 2000). Additionally, most studies have made postulations that the figure of girls at risk of being circumcised every year all over the world fall between 100 and 3 million. Consequently, the most recent prevalent information indicate that over 91.5 million of both girls and women exceeding the age of nine in the African continent are currently in the process of experiencing the side effects associated with FGM. Despite the practice of FGM being practiced all over the world, it should be as a matter of urgency be abolished (Assad, 1980). Female genital mutilation has for long been identified as an issue concerning both medical, legal and social aspects of the society. Despite the fact that the term Female genital mutilation being coined only recently, the practice has a history that is long and complex (World Health Organization, 2000).

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