Leadership Seminar I: Portfolio Foundation Essay

The essay should answer the following points with each being a header.

-Leadership Pursuit of Excellence: Based on what you have learned this semester, what does it mean for you to be a good leader who pursues excellence? (knowing yourself, knowing how to balance being a fox and lion -By Machiavelli and add a few more points)

-Perception of Leadership: How have your ideas and conceptions of leaders and leadership changed this semester? (Initially thought leaders were stern and stoic characters but now see them as people who get the job done in the most efficient way)

-Becoming a Better Leader: What will allow you to become a better leader (areas of knowledge, emotional intelligence, virtue, self-care, etc.)?

-Making a Difference: What is one specific place of influence where you could make a difference during the next 3 months? (sanitation in my neighbourhood)

Some references should come from Komives

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