Political Science

he Constitution of the United States created a strong but limited national government, in order to protect the citizens from possible abuses of the government. These limits are expressed, in the division of its powers, the adoption of a federal system, the proclamation of civil liberties and rights, and the rotation and selection of authorities through popular election.

How have other countries set restraints to their governments? Are these solutions preferable to the ones implemented in the United States? For your paper, answer these questions by comparing the United States with one or two other countries addressing one dimension of government. Specifically, your paper should 1) describe the dimension of government you are addressing (e.g., relationships between branches or levels of government, processes of selection of authorities, rights of the citizens and how they are protected, etc.), 2) describe the limits implemented in each country, and 3) critically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these limits and the conditions that may explain their success or failure.

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