Assignment:You are working with your faculty advisor on a qualitative research study on the topic of people’s interactions with police and how it relates to their attitudes about defunding police.  The data collection involves respondents creating a narrative based on their interactions with police.  The actual question is as follows:”I want you to think back to your most memorable interaction with the police  It could be when you were a child, when you were in high school, or when you were an adult.  It might be a good memory or it might be a bad memory.  It may have involved you directly, someone you knew, or a stranger you saw interact with police.  Once you have chosen a memory, tell me a story about what happened, providing as much detail as you can remember.”Once the respondent has created the story, you will conduct a brief interview.  Your goal is to ask the respondent questions regarding the memory of that event and its relationship to the defund the police movement.Based on the recommendations for writing interview questions in the last lesson create five interview questions that you would ask people after they provided their narrative.

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