Performance Evaluation, Training, Motivation and Summary

You will use the same job you discussed for paper 1.
You MUST answer the following questions in paragraph form:
1. Provide your job title and one or two sentences about your job responsibilities to help me
remember your job from paper 1.
2. Describe and explain one of the following performance evaluation methods
a. behavioral checklist
b. behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS)
c. behavioral observation scale (BOS)).
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen performance evaluation
method. Explain why it would be appropriate for your job. Construct three items and their
response scales that would comprise the method to measure performance on your job.
3. Describe and explain two of the following training methods (lecture, behavior modeling,
simulation, case study, computer based learning) that are appropriate for your job. Discuss
the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two methods. Explain two topics (for
your job) that would be included in this training.
4. Describe and explain two theories of motivation that are applicable to this job and explain
why they are applicable to this job by giving examples of behaviors and situations. Describe
how you are motivated by this job and how you are de-motivated by this job.
5. Make three suggestions of ways to improve this job based on what you have learned in class
and the textbook. You may NOT discuss any ideas you have described previously in this
paper or your paper #1. You must describe how these suggestions are related to class
concepts to demonstrate your knowledge of these concepts. You will not receive points
unless you demonstrate knowledge of these concepts.

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