I will pay for the following article Modern Social Problems. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. It is critically significant to minimize or eradicate the seeming inevitable social problems in order to have healthy societies.

Alcoholism is a social problem that has deleterious effects on the abuser, the close family, and the wider community (Zimberg, 2013). It is thus important to manage alcohol abuse at local levels in order to avoid undesirable ramifications. Creating awareness about the dangers of alcoholism at the societal level is a significant step towards eradicating the social problem. Typically, educational campaigns and seminars can equip society with skills to prevent or moderate their drinking behavior. Abstinence from alcohol can be a challenging endeavor, but it does not involve any risks (Lessa & Gilbert, 2009). Thus, educating the community on the significance of avoiding alcohol can save society from the social problem. It is crucial for the alcohol drinkers to set realistic targets for alcohol use and keep an honest record of their drinking habits. Similarly, collaborating with the policymakers and local government to establish rehabilitation centers can yield good results towards instilling behavioral changes on the alcohol abusers. Additionally, controlled drinking support groups can assist the drinkers to moderate their drinking habits and regain control.

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