Poem “The Poor Singing Dame”, by Mary Darby Robinson (1758–1800)


Paragraph 1: intro

1> Which poem you picked and why

2> Summary of the poem’s content or plot (1–2 sentences)

3> What you will do in this essay (close reading!)

Paragraph 2: techniques

1> Description of lines and stanzas

2> Description of meter with two example lines

2> Description of rhyme scheme with examples

Paragraph 3: tone

1>  5–7 nouns:

2>  5–7 adjectives:

3>  1–2 metaphors or similes

4>  From this, generate a description of the mood or town of the poem

Paragraph 4: my respomse

1>  Using “I” throughout, respond to any aspect (or aspects) of the poem

Paragraph 5: conclusion

1>  State what you have learned about English poetry from doing this close reading

2>  What would you say to someone from your home culture if they asked about English poetry?


5–15 direct quotes are required!!!

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