Which aspects of the article did you find most interesting?In what ways does this study expand your thinking (e.g., what did you learn, application, information, etc.) about wellness methods and strategies?What is one question you have in regards to this article?How will you use this information in the nursing or health science fields?How will you use this information for your personal wellness?Referring back to Ch2: Emotional and Spiritual Well-being, Ch3: Caring for Your Mind, and Ch4: Stress ManagementCh2. What lessons/methods/tools from positive psychology, spiritual health, and sleep and health do you currently use and why (e.g. how do they benefit you)? Or which lessons/methods/tools that you would like to apply/try to your life and why?Ch3. What self-care strategies do you currently use and how do they benefit you? Or which self-care strategies do you want to apply/try and why?Ch4. What interventions mentioned under “Managing Stress” do you currently use and why? Or which interventions would you like to apply/try and why?

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