Mgt 311 week 6

APA FORMAT & citations 350 words each questions and no plagiarism 

Question 1

Read chapter 10. Based on case 10-1 on page 343 as reproduced below, answer the following question.


Debbie Ronson, sales supervisor, was just opening a meeting she had called for members of her department. Debbie did most of the talking for the first five minutes, recounting her groups performance over the past week. Then she asked, Are there any questions? No one responded. Debbie then changed subjects. As you know, in two weeks well be going to a new format for scheduling our calls. This was outlined in the memo from the vice president, copies of which I sent to each of you. This is going to alter your calling schedules and significantly change the way weve been doing things. I have some ideas on how we can best work into this new system. But before getting into that, Id like to see if anyone here has any ideas … [pause]. Anyone care to contribute anything? No one in the group responded. Debbie continued, Well, heres what I think we should do. … She then spent eight minutes outlining her plan. After the meeting was over, Debbie discussed it with one of her fellow supervisors. I dont know what it is, she said, but I can never get my people to say much at meetings. I try to give them a chance, but I always end up doing most of the talking. It seems theyre either shy or disinterested, but I really dont know if thats the reason or not. I just wish theyd contribute their ideas.

1. What might be some reasons for participants not saying much at Debbies meetings?

Question 2

2 (a) What are some of the primary reasons people resist change?

2 (b) What are some of the ways a team leader can ensure that change is accepted or at least not resisted? 

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