The purpose of this assignment is to aid students in the literature review research process and in the organization and writing or the literature review.

(Develop a doctoral-level literature review related to one of the key course concepts concerning the strategic allocation of financial resources)


Develop a comprehensive outline that logically presents the selected and  strategic allocation of financial resources)


Develop a comprehensive reference list (at least 10 references) for your BUSI 730 topic in current APA edition format. The reference list should be based on your survey of existing peer-reviewed literature on your BUSI 730 topic.

Submit the outline and bibliography together in a single Microsoft Word document. Begin the bibliography on a separate page.

This week you are to develop a logical and comprehensive outline of your literature review, have at least 10 references regarding your topic in APA citation format, and present them in a single document.  Although there is no required format to the outline, I will suggest one for you to consider.  This is only a suggestion to assist you, but whatever format you choose, be sure it makes logical sense.

I.  Problem Statement

II. Background Information (you may include this in the problem statement if you wish)

III. Research Question 1 (you may want to label this with something other than Research Question)

A. Information

B. Information

IV. Research Question 2  (you may want to label this with something other than Research Question)

A.  Information

B. Information

V. Summary

VI. Conclusion

Again, this is a suggestion.  You do not have to segregate it along the research question lines, but however you segment it, it should make sense.  Please note that this is not the annotated bibliography, but the outline of how you are researching the topic.  The bibliography should be on a separate page.

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