Leadership – Case Analysis

Individual Case Study

Use the following format to critically analyze the case.  Problem(s) means more than one problem; solution(s) means more than one solution.  Root Problem (one); i.e., if we do not do this, the organization will shut down, and the same is true for Root Solution; this will save the company.  To receive full credit for the individual case study, you will also need to answer the questions at the end of the case.

    (1) Identify the main characters (those who play a major role in the case)
    (2) Trace the chronological series of events
    (3) Isolate the problem(s) more than one
    (4) Propose the solution(s) more than one to the problems based on the facts in the case and your personal and educational experience.  Ask what options might be available?
    (5) Explore the root problem; one.  There is a difference in the possible root problem and symptoms.
    (6) Root solution (one).  What is the most feasible solution/option from the firms available resources, which will best satisfy the stakeholders?  Your assessment of the case study will depend on the facts and your reasoned argument.
    Do not forget to answer the questions and the end of the case and include both case analysis – 6 steps and questions at the end of the case.

** I have included the case and the questions in a pdf. As well, a document is attached with the instructions above.**

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