Need for Developing Leaders

Write a 4 (plus title and reference pages) assessing the need for developing leaders based upon your understanding of leadership as a process. In addition, include a biblical perspective on desired leadership characteristics to support leadership development.

Include the following line items content requirements:

1.    Identify universal gaps in leadership development (Gaps)
2.    Argue for the need for leadership development (Need)
3.    Consequences of insufficient support in developing leaders (Support)
4.    Biblical principles and support with examples from biblical leaders (Biblical principles)
5.    Use Gaps, Need, Support, and Biblical principles as headings
6.    Minimum of four references and only two from the required texts
7.    Biblical perspective on leadership characteristics

Include clarity of content, structure, and APA 7:

1.    Clear presentation of content
2.    Organization of content/Headings
3.    Grammar
4.    Spelling
5.    4 pages of content
6.    APA 7 formatting

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