intersectional analysis paper

–Use an intersectional analysis approach to analyze the identity and power in ones own life and the life of others.
–This assignment asks you to consider your own social identity and location within society as well as social identities, and locations that are not your own using an intersectional framework
–Using the memoir (Fairest: A Memoir) , apply an intersectional analysis of social constructions of identity and power, write a 7-9-page essay, which analyzes the social identity of the author, your own life, as well as other factors which shaped their lives and shaped yours.
–In other words, analyze how your lives are similar and different based on race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, etc.
–In your analysis, you must integrate 7-9 readings from the textbook (Margaret L Anderson)
–I am a Biracial woman, who can be white-passing at times. I also had a very hard time feeling as if i belonged among BIPOC because of my predominately white highschool and many other factors.

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