International Economics Research Paper on Event Happened in Last Six Months

Current Event Research Paper:
One of the best things about studying international trade and finance is that the topic is in the news every day. Make a habit of reading the international business and economics news.
How to choose your current event:
The current event must have been in the news within the last six months. To find a topic of interest, start reading the financial and business news now. Once you find a news story, you will research it more deeply, including the relevant economic facts and/or model.

What to include in your paper:

  a detailed description of the current event.
  a detailed discussion of the relevant economic models explain from the very beginning, as if your reader knows nothing about the topic; this is how you demonstrate your understanding of the theory.
  an analysis of the current event Why is it important to the industry? What companies will care about this news story? What will its impact be? Who will win? Why? You can choose to answer any or all of these questions (or any other question). The goal is to demonstrate meaningful application of economic theory to facts, and deep thinking about the issues presented by the news story


8-10 pages, single spaced for your current event research paper.
Citation required anytime what you just wrote down did not originate in your own brain.
The paper should be prepared using the APA writing style and guideline for reference format. You must provide a bibliography, and all quotations and sources must be properly cited.

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