Discussion: Inspire a Shared Vision With a Vision Statement

Imagine that you are attending a leadership meeting and you are asked to compose a vision statement that represents your ideal future for an organization you represent. Be creative in drafting your vision statement. The organization could be the business you hope to start someday, the company you hope to work for someday, or a nonprofit organization you would like to be involved with. The options are limitless. Share your vision statement with your classmates if you would like to receive feedback from your peers. In your leadership meeting, each of your colleagues exhibits a different leadership style. The first colleague exhibits the traits of a situational leader; the second, the traits of a contingency leader; and the third, the traits of a path-goal leader.

Consider the following questions:

Which of these three theories of leadership aligns the most with your vision statement? Or is your leadership vision a combination of multiple theories we have reviewed so far in this class?
Discuss inspiring a shared vision among various leadership styles. How do you create a vision that is appealing to many different types of leaders?

must be 2-3 paragraphs max which doesnt include the mission statement

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