This is a very detailed paper that I need, and I have a very detailed set of instructions that I need to be done. They are as follows:

Main Purpose: Using the theories, concepts, and tools learned in readings, you will build from your image assignment to continue to answer the following question:

“How do images created and posted after President Biden came to power (January 20, 2021) depict borders, immigration and im/migrants?”

Look through the images you and your peers posted on the padlet.              Password is “Villegas”

(This does not require the use of any personal information. Nor do you need to use any of the names that you see. All that matters are the images/pictures that are shown on the site, and the information if you so choose.)

Identify any trends you see across the images, particularly images related to a similar event, or law, or debate.

Write a proposal that includes the following:

A specific argument answering the above question that can be supported through the use of at least 5 images (see sample below). If you find images that are not posted, but which are useful to your argument, feel free to use those.
Your argument should focus on the representation of migrants, and utilize specific concepts from readings (see class notes and discussions).
The argument can build on your specific image assignment discussion, or deviate from it.

2-3 sentences for how each image can be used to support your argument. 

2-3 sentences for each source you plan to use that explains the specific concept or background information you will use from it and how it helps you analyze the images and further your argument.

For this assignment you must use 4 sources from readings and 4 external, peer reviewed sources. remember the external sources can be about the specific content your paper examines, or research on how the media represents im/migrants. You can get ideas from the sources your peers utilized in the padlet and you can conduct your own searches through the Pfau library( or google scholar.

A 150 word discussion of how an abolitionist approach to sanctuary (Paik, chapter 4) would change the way migrants are represented in the media (focusing on the specific representation you are discussing). 

A complete reference list, appropriately formatted that includes your 5 images and your 8 scholarly sources (4 from readings and 4 external)

Appendix of your 5 images (copy and paste at the end of the document)

I have also attached a comprehensive list of files that contain all the readings that you may need. You do not need to use all of them, as the instructions only state 4 sources from the readings, but I am giving many options. This is a large paper, so it may require a lot. There is also no limit to how many pages are needed. I am just unsure how many it would take. I am willing to answer any questions or give additional information as soon as I can if needed.

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