I need some assistance with these assignment. how you think language Thank you in advance for the help! This is the rhetoric style where the person communicating keeps on referring to the same word or phrase. An example is when my pastor was preaching in the church and kept say ‘lord is good brethren”.

Clear explanation

I encountered a clear explanation when the doctor was giving me the exact instructions of what caused a shock to my diseased friend. The doctor was trying to put across the most probability of death and kept tried to give the smallest detail.

Inclusive language

I experienced this in political rallies in my home country. The political aspirants used words and phrases like “we”, “us” and other inclusive verbs in their speeches to make the electorates to vote for them. This rhetoric’s in improved my interaction between me and the other people in the following ways:

Enhanced memorability

The repetition in the context made me remember the message for a very long time and a very clear manner. The message kept repeating in them my mind

It gave confidence and hope

The inclusive rhetoric use by the political aspirant made me trust the politician and have hope in him since it showed that he had the peoples interest in his plan if he has chosen or elected the race

It broke the monotony of speech

The rhetoric broke monotony o0f consistence o speech by the speakers hence made the context more enjoyable and interesting to continue listening to the speakers.

It showed agreement between the speaker and the audience

The use of rhetoric in the context shaped my understanding of the world to know that through proper communication that is enhanced by the use of rhetoric’s in context can generate a proposal, ideas and discussions that can be used to solve the world current problems

Our parents at home most use rhetoric’s like:

Questions and answers

Mostly when our parents give instructions and warnings to us they will pause a question to us to confirm if we have understood what they are trying to tell us. Mostly the question needs answers that we often reply to them to show obedience to them.

Rhetoric is used by different people in different place .these may include.


At home, the context that may arise is the emphasis on the togetherness of the family. in such audience as the speaker, u may use the rhetoric that is likely to be used to emphasis on unity is the power of one


In school the teaching activity goes on, the teachers try to make the students understand the new concepts that they have never learned before, the teacher we will try to refer to the things the students know best and compare them with the new concept. This process is called analogy and it’s a rhetoric style used to communicate and it enhances understanding.


In the grocery the rhetoric, the one I have ever used is the humor, this helps to break the problem of social class in the society.


Friends need humor, the most thing that we do is making jokes about each other.


Online unit people from different background, the rhetoric that is most suitable is the clear explanation this all rhetoric’s has impacted in the following ways in speech:

Increasing interaction with my audience and in general being a communicator. it has helped me to improve my contact with everyone I meet through effective and also improve the attention of my listeners.

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