Homo erectus and Acheulean Tools

You must provide detailed answers to each question for full credit. Try your best to summarize the information and write what you have learned in your own words. Any text that you directly copy needs to be in quotation marks, but copying will not be enough to get a high grade (see the grading rubric below). For full credit, you should either explain the information in your own words, or if you copy any text, you should also provide your own interpretation.  your answers to correspond with the question numbers. Answer in full sentences and make sure to DESCRIBE when asked to do so.

1.Describe the cranial (head) characteristics of Homo erectus. How do he cranial traits of Homo erectus compare to earlier hominins and to modern humans (Homo sapiens)?
2.Describe the post-cranial (body) characteristics of Homo erectus. How do the post-cranial traits of Homo erectus compare to earlier hominins and to modern humans (Homo sapiens)?
3.Explain why losing body hair and being able to sweat may have given hominins an advantage.
4.During what time period (millions of years ago) and in which geographic locations have fossils of Homo erectus been found?
5.When did Homo erectus first leave Africa, and where are the earliest fossils of Homo erectus found outside of Africa? What factors likely influenced Homo erectus leaving Africa?
6.What are Acheulean tools? Describe the main differences between Oldowan and Acheulean Tools.
7.Describe what the tools used by Homo erectus reveal about their cognitive abilities.
8.Describe how the diet of Homo erectus differ from the diet of australopithecines. Explain the relationship between diet and brain size in Homo erectus.
9.Explain how the use of fire may have been important to Homo erectus.
10.Describe what scientists know about the life history patterns of Homo erectus.

Outstanding work with thorough, detailed, and clearly written answers

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