global wars

How does Lenzs experience of the interpersonal effects of a culture of culture wars shape your understanding of our course material? How does reading her experience shape how you understand your own?

Please make sure to: Come up with your own title.
Directly quote the reading,  the professor said “I do not see a single direct quote in the essay. I do not see a works cited page.  ”

Readings: Reading: Lenz, God Land

Essay should: -Be no more than 750 words or three double-spaced pages. -Demonstrate meaningful engagement with the assigned reading. -Make your argument – think of the essays as opportunities to try to figure out what you think and why. Don’t simply report on what the reading said; instead, use what you learned from the reading to explain why you think what you do. The teaching team will grade your essays looking at four key elements: Does the essay make a clear, reasoned point? (30% of your essay grade) Does the essay respond effectively to the prompt? (30% of your essay grade) Does the essay effectively use examples and analysis from the reading to strengthen the argument? (30% of your essay grade) Does the essay have strong command of syntax and style? (10% of your essay grade)

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