For your final project choose a dance genre/or person (associated with a particular style of dance) of interest to further investigate. Use three to five sources, outside of the textbook, and cite them with MLA format.

Here are some starting points for your outline and final paper:

  • Why is this art form important?
  • What are some of the historical facts about this dance/person?
  • What was going on historically during the era this dance was being done/ Is this particular art form still being done today? If so what are the changes in the current form.

Your final paper should be in essay format with a minimum of 1200 words.

Below are some topic ideas for your paper, it is perfectly fine to choose someone/thing not on this list as long as long as the topic is relevant to dance history and research.

  1. Mary Wigman
  2. Marie Taglioni
  3. Anna Pavlova
  4. The Romantic Period
  5. Alvin Ailey
  6. Commedia Dell’arte
  7. George Balanchine
  8. Merce Cunningham
  9. Rudolf Van Laban
  10. Katherine Dunham
  11. Marius Petipa
  12. August Bournonville
  13. José Límon
  14. African Dances
  15. Polynesian Dancs
  16. East Indian Dance
  17. Japanese Dance
  18. Martha Graham
  19. Trisha Brown
  20. Maurice Béjart
  21. Master Juba
  22. Jerome Robbins
  23. Twyla Tharp
  24. Bob Fosse
  25. Fred Astaire

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