Final Summary

In this assignment, you will compare pieces from the course and recount important details from the music we studied. All of the information should come from our in-class lectures and discussions.

If you use outside sourceswhich you should not need toyou must cite them correctly. This means in-text (or footnote) citations as well as a Works Cited page. If you use only a Works Cited page, you are plagiarizing. If youre not sure how to cite correctly, you should study your preferred citation style (Chicago, MLA, or APA) on This assignment uses TurnItIn, which will tell you how much of your paper comes from outside sources (include your classmates’ papers). You should strive to have less than 15% outside source material for this assignment. Im happy to meet with anyone who needs help fulfilling these requirements.

You do not need to use complete sentence for your answers. Ive given estimates of how many words I anticipate it would take to answer these questions fully (if you were to use complete sentences), but they are not requirements.

Describe the ways that composers unify long works. Using the following examples: Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, Wagner’s operas, and one musical style from the 20th century (good examples would be a Berg opera, Shostakovich’s 8th string quartet, or the concept album). Describe the difference and similarities between your three composers’ approaches. (150 words)
Discuss three different approaches to harmony and/or melody. Use the following examples: someone we covered from the 19th century, someone who composed using serialism, and one minimalist. Describe the difference and similarities between your three composers’ approaches. (150 words)
Describe the musical priorities of German art music, using early 19th century Germans (Beethoven, Schubert, and/or Schumann), the 2nd Viennese School, and music in Nazi Germany. (75 words)
Discuss the ways that the following pieces challenge the traditional focus on harmony and melody: Varese’s Ionisation, Stockhausen’s Gesang der Junglinge, and a rap song of your choice. (100 words)
Describe the ways that bebop, avant-garde jazz, and rap are reflections of and responses to American society. (75 words)
Say something genuinely nice about country music. (20 words)
In order to receive a satisfactory on this assignment, you must answer each question correctly using concepts from class. There are many ways to be correct on each answer.

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