Use Deventer’s model (listed on the “Guiding Thought” page) and refer to the case analysis questions for discernment to analyze the case of Mrs. M.The ethical reflection part of this assignment will include your resolution or prudential decision making concerning the case. It should include citations from materials found in our texts that provide background literature, values, and principles that support your decision. Evaluate and apply both scripture and tradition to the case. This involves using the material in Medical Ethics: Sources of Catholic Teaching as a resource. Even if you do not share the Christian tradition, this process allows you to compare and contrast it with your own perspective.The Case Analysis should be 1000-1200 words in length, formatted in MLA style, and include a works cited page.1. The following questions can aid in the process of discernment or the gathering and the assessing of thecase.Facts:2. What is Mrs. M’s medical status, diagnosis and prognosis? How reliable are these?3. Has there been a second opinion?4. What treatments are possible?5. What is the probable life expectancy and condition of the patient if treatment is received?6. What is the probability that treatment will benefit the patient?Patient Preference:7. Is Mrs. M. competent?8. Has she been informed about her condition and how?9. Has she had time to reflect on treatment alternatives?10. Has she made a clear statement about her wishes?11. Does she have a written statement about her wishes, a durable power of attorney or living will?12. If there is no clear statement, is there anyone who knows what the patient desire?Views of Family and Friends:13. Are there family members and friends?14. Do they understand the patient’s condition?15. What is their position and do they agree with one another?16. Does any one have primary responsibility or legal custody?17. If the patient is a minor, are they choosing what is in the child’s best interest?18. Are there problems of communication with the family or friends? If so, can someone be found (a19. minister) who could help?Views of the Care Givers:20. Are the care givers fully aware of the facts?21. What are their views and what are the reasons for them?22. If there are differences, what is the cause of these?23. How might the differences be resolved?Legal, Administrative and Other Factors:24. Are there laws that apply to the case?25. Is there potential liability to the providers?26. Are there any hospital guidelines that apply, i.e., Catholic Health Care ethical norms?27. Are there others outside the hospital system that should be consulted?28. What literature would it help to consult on this case?29. Is expense to the patient and family a factor in this case

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