Fashion and Media

1. Brand Chosen: Ted Lapidus
2.    Choose an image that is emblematic of this brand/designers signature style.
3.    Write a 300-500 word designer/brand overview that you post on to Padlet that explores what it means to have a signature style. You should also address SOME of the following topics:
time period of designer/house
region/country of origin
brief biography of person (a few key points–no need for a full biography)
style (sportswear, haute couture, mens, etc.)
influences (on designer)
influence on others
muses, celebrity consumption, models
brand extensions (interior decor, cosmetics, leather goods…)
broader relationship to the fashion industry and other designers (by the designer)
4.    Your response should include citations that may be in the form of weblinks. You will draw heavily from outside sources (at least 3), but do NOT copy and paste. Do not use Wikipedia entries (although the references section at the bottom of certain pages may be helpful).
5.    The assignment should demonstrate that you have ACCRUED a range of information, and put together your own encyclopedia entry. You may want to link to reviews, official sites, catwalk shows, blogs, etc.

Evaluation Criteria
The post should demonstrate
    Synthesis of information about the brand/designer
    Explanation/articulation of signature style
    Adherence to the requirements in the prompt (posting by deadline, adhering to word count, including emblematic image)

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