eyewitness testimony

For your final assignment, you will complete a presentation consisting of 15-20 slides with speaker notes, which are 100-200 words. As part of your Signature Assignment, you have addressed key elements relevant to your research topic(eyewitness testimony) and will now finalize the application of those materials accordingly.  Be sure to include all activities you will have your audience complete, along with any resources, handouts, etc., in accordance with your training or webinar.

Key points that should be evident in your presentation, at a minimum, are:

    Identify the need (prevalence/extent of the problem/gap/issue/concern) for the presentation .
    Specify the target audience. Who will benefit from this presentation about forensic psychology? (Correctional officers, judges, clinicians, lawyers, students, etc.)
    Identify evidence-based approaches in addressing the topic/problem you are presenting on and the population as well.
    Address ethical, cultural, and diversity needs and issues.
    Identify what you are proposing based on research findings and implications. What is the takeaway (development of criminogenic behaviors, implications for involuntary competency restoration, etc.)? This will be presented differently depending on your topic, purpose, and style of presentation (training versus webinar).
    Address collaborative efforts needed and their purpose (people: researchers, clinicians, law enforcement, the legal system, etc.).

Length: 15-20 slides, not including resources

Notes Length: 100-200 words for each slide

References: Include a minimum of 10-15 scholarly resources.

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