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6-1 Discussion

Max Kolesar posted Apr 26, 2022 5:54 PM

There are numerous examples of corporate malfeasance, from Enron to WorldCom. In the public sector, an example is Mayor Kilpatrick from Detroit, who is currently serving a 28-year sentence for corruption.

As a newly appointed leader in the public sector, how would you highlight the importance of ethics to your team? What tools or techniques could you use?

When discussing ethics with my team as a newly appointed leader in the public sector, I would highlight how important it is to be transparent. Ethics are vital in daily life as they are value systems that hold people accountable. Maintaining transparency can promote ethical behavior by reducing self-interest bargaining and increasing deliberation (Holzer & Schwester, 2019). In having a code of ethics on the team, I would stress the importance of maintaining transparency with citizens. 

Different tools or techniques can be used to maintain transparency with citizens. Some levels of transparency must be had as there are laws that mandate it, such as the Freedom of Information Act. However, these laws typically allow for information requests. I would be proactive in publishing data and reports online and making sure that the website for the municipality is up-to-date with meeting recordings and minutes. I would also make sure that citizens have input on the budgetary process and that these documents are published online along with all applicable documentation that is needed to support budgeting. This would help to keep expenditures in line and make sure people know their tax dollars are being spent ethically. Having procurement processes documented and public say in contracts would also be important to reduce favoritism in the bidding process and ensure transparency (Holzer & Schwester, 2019). 


Holzer, M., & Schwester, R. W. (2019). Public Administration (3rd Edition). Taylor & Francis.

*****In your response to classmates respectfully critiques their ideas for tools or techniques to promote ethics within the public sector.

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