Effects of the covid-19 pandemic on mental health

Im in the need of a research paper on how the covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns have affected mental health. I need a survey conducted (use google forms for that) with at the least 50 responses (more preferable) for this research article and i need the data set of this survey (that excel file from the google forms). The response dont need to be authentic of course, you could fill them your self 50 times for all i care

These are the instructions given to me

“- Theme and Research Question(s)
– Title
– Abstract
The  Abstract, at least, must answer these topics (but be brief – see some examples in another articles)
        The purpose/objectives of this study
        Design and Methods
        Practical implications / Contributions

– Keywords

1- Introduction [most of these contents must be complete now]

Brief theoretical framework, Justification / Motivation of the study / Rational
What? General description; Questions / Research  Objectives / Assumptions / Problem
What is my contribution …

How? (brief descriptions of the Methods)

2. Literature Review / State of the Art

Corresponds to the literature review (include references about the study)

4. Method/Methodology

Data collection method(s) or Instruments, including location, type, duration, period, study population, sampling technique, and sample size).

References [in APA style]

You also must submit the Instrument for data collection and the data set”

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