Minimum Five Pages double spaced (This does not include reference page, cover page)  

This class is Water Resource Management.    Please just type it out and then I will transfer it to APA format.  

Please include some scholarly sources that I can cite.

Mention things like oil spills (British Petroleum), chemical leaks (west virginia’s freedom industries), Fukushima melt down (Japan) etc.

Please use terms and wording relative to Water Resource Management like water consumption categories = domestic & livestock & irrigation & public.  

Mention water resource issues like overuse of local surface water, pollutions of water resources – leakage, contaminants etc.  

Mention the financial cost of water importing (fiji water for example from china and how the Co2 output from the delivery boats is insane while boating it over from china).  

Mention land loss during dam constructions, loss of colorado delta, disrupting native fish living downstream, diminishing clam population.  

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