raft 2 Content

  1. You have completed Draft Part I, of your drafts for your Research Proposal, which included your abstract, introduction, theoretical perspectives, and literature review sections of the proposal. Part II of the draft is the Methods section. It is due by Sunday, March 28th, at 5pm EST.
    • The methods section should include a research design, sampling procedures, investigative techniques (questionnaire, survey, observation, etc.) Please continue to follow the instructions in the document titled “Research Proposal Instructions” for the proper format of this section of your proposal. (See below)
    • The discussion section should include a narrative review of your EXPECTED findings and implications of those findings on the field of criminal justice.
    • Please keep in mind that this section (Methods Section) of your research proposal is completed on the question of: If I were going to conduct this study, how would I design it? We are not doing original research so you are NOT conducting the research. This is only a research design, (a proposal of research).

I uploaded the first part of the research for reference/guide and also the professor guide.

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