The HFCT strength is its use of exercises which reshape habits and behavioral patterns of individuals within relationships.  Worthington writes in his HFCT manual:“Maintaining a good marriage, improving a marriage, and solving problems in a marriage require that the partners exert effort–that they work on the marriage.  Solving problems in marriage through marital therapy requires that the couple work on the tasks that the therapist assigns–both within the therapy hour and particularly between sessions.  Inspire the couple to perspire to achieve what they aspire to.  You cannot browbeat or coerce them into a work ethic.The strategy is faith working through love.  HOPE-focused marital therapists should never consider themselves marital technicians or problem-solvers.  Therapists are ministers of love.Your task: draw distinctions between Hope and Grace–the model articulated by Ripley compared to the one articulated by Sells. We have worked together in integrating our two approaches (that will be our focus in Dec).  Your task now is to identify the benefits and shortcomings of each.

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