Double your money

Do something entrepreneurial during this semester (that is legal and ethical) in an attempt to double your money.

Your project must take place during this semester. (No credit for projects completed in the past.)
You may create and sell something, buy something and sell it for a higher price, offer a service and charge for that service, etc.
NOTE: Dont invest in the stock market just for this assignment. Buying stocks short-term (a few months) is speculating, not investing. Plus, that is a passive investment you cant do anything to control that investment. Id rather you do something active that you can control for this assignment.

Document your efforts, including the return on your capital. That documentation should include approximately two pages of narrative to explain what you did, plus any supporting documentation such as receipts, advertisements, flyers, listings on eBay or Craigslist, to show your results.
Include your return on investment. For example, if you spend $40 on materials to build something, and sell it for $75, enclose your receipts where you purchased materials, and also a record of your sale. Show the calculation of your profit.
You do not have to double your money in order to receive extra credit. You may still receive some credit even if you do not double it.
The amount of extra credit you receive will be based on creativity, the level of complexity, the amount of money involved, and your results.
Submit your results to the dropbox by the deadline listed in the syllabus.

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