This is a discussion question that is about two paragraphs.This week, you got to hear from guest speakers Christie Jenkins, Mary Kate Reese, and Danielle Walsh. The guest speakers discuss various pleasure and sexual lifestyles, including kink, fetishes, BDSM, leather, and other types of pleasure and sexual play. In this Discussion, you will reflect on how the guest speakers challenged or changed your knowledge about these topics.To prepare:Identify in which areas you have the most knowledge and least knowledge based on the three diagrams (amorous expression, power expression, and spectrum of play) in the pleasure and sexual lifestyle section of the Sexological Assessment.Consider how the Learning Resources this week challenged or changed your previous knowledge about these topics.By Day 3Choose one guest speaker to focus on for your main post. In your post, respond to the following questions:Describe what you learned from the guest speaker.Explain how the guest speaker challenged or changed your knowledge or perspective.Explain how this might impact your comfort level when working with clients engaged in, or considering, various pleasure and sexual lifestyles.

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