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Within your company, pick a department and conduct a job analysis for a managerial job position that you would like to redesign.Write a comprehensive paper that includes the following:
Provide a brief discussion of the current job.
Explain how you would redesign it.
Discuss the various styles of management appropriate to this new position and how they would relate to the overall culture of the organization.
Examine the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a person qualified to hold this position.
Consider how these are determined in relation to other organizational positions, industry standards, etc.
Make sure you include a thorough examination of communication models as they relate to the organization and how technology will (or will not) play a role in the communication channels that are used.
Next discuss how this new job position would align with your company’s mission, vision, objectives, corporate culture, etc., along with the leadership style that would be a good fit for the person employed in this job.Consider how this position will be able to adapt to changes as the organization becomes more global in its interaction with vendors, customers, etc. While specific financials are not necessary, the degree of financial decision-making should be discussed, along with how decisions made from this position may affect the other departments within the organization.Lastly, address diversity. Do not limit your thinking of diversity to race, gender, and age, but instead, consider how this position will need to bring a diversity of knowledge, skills, abilities, etc., to the organization and the global work environment.Note: This assignment should incorporate most of the concepts covered during the past few weeks and should contain sufficient supporting references to demonstrate you have a good grasp of the theories and concepts covered in this course. Consider using both recently published scholarly sources and older references showing historical trends, etc.Your paper should be 3,500 to 4,000 words (not including a cover page or reference section) and be in APA format.

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