Developmental Psychology

Imagine that you had unlimited funds, equipment, and training What would you research within the field of developmental psychology? Chapter 1 provided an overview of research methods and designs used within psychology and some designs specifically used in developmental psychology. For this assignment, I would like you to think more about what topic in child and adolescent development you would study if you had the chance.

Answer the following questions:

If you had the ability to research any topic without limitations of time/money, what realistic question would you study in child/adolescent development? Be specific in your response. Something like I want to find out if divorce hurts teenagers would be too general, but I want to know whether reading Dr. Seuss would improve a childs ability to tell a funny story would work. Do not use an idea that you have already read about in the textbook (deduction of points will occur).
State a clear research hypothesis using the topic of interest.
Based on the theories of child development discussed in Chapter 1, identify one theorist that fits within your research idea? Explain how the theory connects to your research idea?
What method would you use to collect your data (observation, survey, interview, case study, physiological)? Why do you think you would need to use that study design? Consider strengths and weaknesses of the method.
What research design/s would you use (description, correlation, experimental, cross-sectional, longitudinal, cross-cultural)? Why do you think you would need that study design? Consider strengths and weaknesses of the method.
Identify at least one ethical consideration that you would need to be conscientious about. Explain why it is important to consider for your research study.

Friendly Reminders:

When answering the questions, use complete sentences. Please number your responses based on the questions above.
Your paper should be approximately 2-3 pages, double spaced. Please use a title page and reference page (this does not account within the 2-3 page suggestion).
Use complete sentences. Always use spelling and grammar check.
Citing original authors is required when you are using someone elses idea (Example: Santrock et al., 2020). Paraphrase in your own words when using other authors ideas. Do not use quotes.
Upload an acceptable file (.doc, .docx, .pdf) or select the Write Submission option.

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