DPIT111 Assignment 1Week 4Objectives• Data types, variables, constants• Expressions, math methods, executable statements• Input and output• Comments• Class and objectAssignment 1 (12%) is marked on a scale from 0-12 marks.• Question 1: 3 mark• Question 2: 3 mark• Question 3: 3 mark• Question 4: 3 markImportant notices:This assignment is scheduled to be done in Week 4 (Monday 30 March – Sunday 5 April 12:30 pm). Comments for your work can be checked on Moodle site. You may be asked questions about your code. Your marks will be deducted if you could not answer the questions presented by the assessor.1. Students must submit all assessment tasks by the due date or penalties will be applied.No. of calendar days late Penalty1 10% of the original mark.2 20% of the original mark.3 30% of the original mark.More than 3 A mark of zero will be awarded for the assessment.2. Make sure that you include following personal information in every file, otherwise it will result in 0 points./*—————————————————— My name:My subject code:My student number: My email address:Assignment number: charteredessay.com/dpit111-assignment-1-week-4-


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