I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Inverted Pyramid and Science in Mass Media. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. An efficient method of writing is required such as an inverted pyramid to ease the problems associated with news reporting which will be the focus of discussion. As we evolved in the human timeline, we gathered a bank of knowledge that required division into different subjects for distinction and understanding. Among all those subjects, writing on science has never been an easy task and I believe that a lot of skill and patience is required to produce a quality news report on this particular subject. Concepts that are difficult to understand or present in a way that can be understood by others is the main hindrance in writing a science report.

Most of the information relevant to science is very unique such as difficult symbols and abbreviations that are used in the text that requires expertise for interpretation. There are many online tools available to writers that can support them in the field of science. Such tools are required in this modern era as the progress in the field of science has considerably increased the amount of data needed to be processed for writing. So what are these tools and how these tools help science writers are important questions that need to be answered?

Inverted Pyramid:

Out of many diverse forms of news reporting, the inverted pyramid is the most commonly used technique of arranging information. There are three important presentations of writing, Chronology, Climactic form, and Inverted pyramid (Lorenz et al 1996). In chronology, the main or important part of the news can occur anywhere in the story. Whereas, climactic form present data more like a pyramid with the climax of the story incorporated in the end. Imagine an inverted pyramid with the base on top and tapering its way down towards the bottom. This is the exact way information is arranged in this format. The width or size of the pyramid denotes how important or relevant the information in the writing is. Therefore, the most important and crucial information is placed higher in or at the beginning of the text, more like revealing the climax at the start of a thriller story, and less important information is placed lower down in the body of the script (Singh 2007).

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