I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Art response. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Art theory is a factor that is very relevant to this country since the interpretation is not uniform and there is need to evaluate the relevance of each work presented in museum to form part of the cultural heritage. Successful evaluation requires in-depth understanding of content and context in which the work is relevant. It is important to note that various theories of criticism have been formulated by scholars to ensure that all the elements of art are applied relevantly in any production. The context in which the piece of art is established determines its application and serves to bring out the meaning in simpler way. For the works of art to portray the actual picture of the social context in which they are set, various critical analysis tools have been applied as in the case of the museum in Denver, USA. Another important aspect of American Art is the expression of the aesthetic values present in the pieces. USA has a wide variety of art and therefore serves as the center of ancient studies on history and art. Art as shown from the past drawings and sculptors sets emotional status and therefore gives the real context and setting in which it was taken. Considering some of the artifacts found in the museums, it is worth to note that the emotional aspect of the works makes the viewer create a picture of the setting and context in which it is relevant. A collection of various pieces of art presents diverse abstraction which has remained a critical aspect of art. In the modern society, creative art still incorporates the ancient concepts in expressing the scene, meaning and context for the piece of art. It is important to note that art stands for past events which are useful in defining the lifestyle observed on a given society. The common saying that a picture speaks a thousand words asserts that artistic pieces say more. The posture, facial expression and other decorations gives detailed information about the moral concepts being conveyed. It is common to see the drawings painted in different colors and texture differentiated with a main aim of creating a particular impression. This is the reason behind the multiple colors, textual indentation and varied body features expression found in various artifacts kept in museums across United States. American art is not limited to artifacts but also written history. The complex social structure of the modern United States can be attributed to the Red Indian community and the immigrants who cumulatively formed the Amerindians. There is great history that covers the ancient tribes that inhabited the modern day United States. The story of art in this country dates many years back but some of the outstanding monuments like The Twins meets the Gods of Xibabla (The underworld), cylindrical vase e.593-830 CE among others gives a long period of art and history development ranging from 16,000 to date. Taking the Mayan tribe as an example, the art they left behind has been a ground for research study on the ancient American society and their way of life. The modern American society traces its roots from a very complex cultural fusion which is always exhibited in form of art. Some of the writings, paintings, drawings left behind and collected for stewardship in museums are important as far as the development of ancient art is concerned.

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