Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses corporate communications: communication for executives. By sticking on issues of concern the goal could be well highlighted thus may only need to actualize the agenda. It’s rarely possible to achieve the expectation without investing a little bit of time during preparation. The manager ought to have a clear goal in mind so as to tackle such issues head on. When staff or in this case team member learn that he could be ill prepared they are likely to develop a low profile towards him while rarely taking it with the seriousness it disserves. Even while concluding on facts it’s so prudent to come up with clear findings to avoid recurring issues some of which are likely to be addressed in good time. At all cost the manager ought to manage the entire process well so as to limit interruptions while at times facing some issues head on. As highlighted in this report it is wise to carryout proper preparation and while aiming at effective oral presentation in business set up. Before the actual presentation one ought to practice how he’s likely to deliver on the actual day. This ought to capture the whole process from beginning till it ends. It’s also important to as well encourage the use of visual aids to enhance his presentation. Time management is of crucial importance owing to its ability to ensure every significant issue is discoursed and deliberation made while trying to drive the point home. To ensure the process is well monitored a good feedback mechanism should as well be adopted to facilitate it. Some audio visual equipments could as well be employed to realize change. During presentation one ought to apply the use of vocal as well as body language to facilitate it. In case of there being a need to encourage translation, this too can be adopted.


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