Create a 15 pages page paper that discusses abiotic petroleum. Since most countries depend on oil, they will ensure that they acquire the ability to produce their oil with or without the theories stated. Some states go to extend to war to defend their oil resources and their cells. Though the oil is required, commodity by all states, the manufacturing, distribution, and its use is dangerous to our environment. Disposal of wastes must be done correctly and during distribution correct cargo handling facilities must be used to avoid spillage to the water or soil surfaces. Proper manufacturing procedures must be followed to ensure that emitted gasses are burned completely before releasing to the atmosphere.

To avoid all these, a safer resource that will substitute petroleum has to be introduced, and countries encouraged using it instead.


Oil formation theories, abiotic petroleum, peak oil, biotic theory, tectonic setting,



Biotic oil formation theory (biogenic) and abiotic oil formation theory (biogenic or non-biogenic) are the two most theories with a geological explanation of how oil was formed. Historically, crude oil was found by experimental methods in subsurface basins and other underground formations (Peters et al.). The biotic theory states that petroleum originated from organic matter remains while abiotic theory says that the same oil creates from inorganic matter through non-biological processes. Both approaches are believed to be true since the final product for both is petroleum generation from biological as onell as non-biological matter (Robinson).

Abiotic oil formation theory (AOF) was the first-ever theory that claimed that oil resulted from deep carbon deposits that had been around longer than life on this planet and were discovered in the 16th century. A French chemist Marceline Berthelot described in his study that hydrocarbon was created by the acid dissolution of steel in Europe (Walter). Mendeleev described that oil was made from the chemical reaction between water and iron carbide in the hot upper mantle in Russia. The abiotic oil formation theory was developed to enable the production of oil reservoirs example in south Khylchuyu field and Sakhalin II field.

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