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The website is one of the easiest webpage that displays on the search engine once the inherent topic, and when searching for nursing theories. The site stands out as relevant since it gives the basis of discussion in a clear way and also goes a step further to establish relevant reference of any argument that is under discussion. The model puts emphasis on working with families and their infants and how a child should be reared by a family with the help of professional health officers (Hills, 2011). However, other theories have come to being in an attempt to improve on the theory. An example was the theory by smith that contradicted the child as the client.

Imogene king and the goal attainment theory

she was a nursing theorist who was a veteran in the development of theories that concerned nursing. However, the goal attainment theory is the most popular being featured in major nursing theories. The site that delineates the particulars of the theory is the most accessible. The subject matter is also broader than that of Casey’s model (Imogene, 1987). Most of the nursing books have also come into existence after the advent of the goal attainment theory. Nevertheless, the theories have borrowed from the theory. Books that are reaching the market after the theory include `Imogene King’s nursing theory by Varghese and the Helvie theory books by Carl Helvie.

Carl O Helvie and the Helvie theory

The theorist still serves as an American licensed nurse and also a professor of Nursing at Old Dominion University. The site for her theory is well updated and easy to locate while surfing the web. On the other hand, the site is peculiar in that the theory bases the argument on primary findings from research carried out to peasant persons and consequent education and practice (Jarrín, 2007). Books written after the theory are by people such as Julia B George, Melanie McEwen and Evelyn M Wills. Their books are also readily available and provide good discussions.

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